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The Roadmap To Becoming A Fitness Influencer – Ulisses on Graphy Talks

Becoming a fitness influencer

Known for his shredded 8-pack and his greatest physique, Ulisses is a known name in the fitness industry. As a fitness icon, he defied what many believed a natural bodybuilder was capable of.

He has won numerous bodybuilding competitions. After years of hard work as a bodybuilder, Ulisses began using his experience to give back to the community. 

He has become a celebrity fitness trainer and a body composition coach.

With a collective social media fanbase of 10M+ Ulisses has built a strong brand in the fitness industry. 

Ulisses on Graphy Talks

Graphy Talks is a one-of-a-kind series that brings you up close with the top creators, one live session at a time. In the 2nd episode of Graphy Talks, Ulisses takes us through his entire journey of becoming a fitness influencer and making a mark in the fitness world.

This blog is a summarised version of his session, where he speaks about how to make your mark as a fitness influencer. 

Building your brand on Graphy

When Ulisses started his fitness journey 30 years back, there was barely any social media presence. Slowly and gradually more social media platforms came into the picture giving us a way to create our personal brand. 

Graphy is a creators platform that allows you to build a successful brand. What makes Graphy stands out is the fact that you get core followers who are niche and really want to learn from you. 

10 essential points that you need to address in order to becoming a fitness influencer

It requires hard work, sure. But, if you implement these 10 points, you will see your fan base growing and your favourite brands approaching to work with you.

Before building your brand, know your niche market really well. 

Your niche market consists of the people that you want to attract. For example, Ulisses being a fitness trainer and a celebrity coach wants to attract people who will be interested in fitness. 

For that, he puts out his training videos and talks about different facets of training.

He is more into isolation training where you isolate certain muscle groups and train them. However, if you are into bodybuilding or functional training, his learnings can help you as well.

One thing that makes fitness a wonderful niche to be in is the fact that it’s universal. No matter what cultural background you are from, be it the U.S. or India, or Brazil, your niche market will understand and relate to fitness. 

A few things that Ulisses talks about being in the fitness niche:

  • How to target certain muscle groups which are stubborn
  • How to get ready for a fitness competition
  • Stay to target a certain muscle group that is lagging behind 
  • How to present your physique for your first competition
  • How to create effective meal plans 

There is a lot about fitness that you can create content in.

However, make sure that you are posting a bit of generic content about your life as well, and not just about fitness. 

How to target your Niche Market

Target people who are like-minded, who like your style of training. Ulisses is more into isolation training wherein you isolate a certain muscle group and train it. As a bodybuilder, he saw more results there than functional training. 

You can also talk about how a certain fitness regime works and why you recommend it. Create and customize your fitness program offerings in terms of 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks.

A few things to keep in mind while building your brand: 

  • Talk about your experience and learning in general, not just fitness
  • Talk about your experience as a personal trainer
  • Practice what you preach
  • Be involved in what you do and love every bit of it
  • Focus on creating quality content 

What kind of content should you create 

The quality of content is the most important ingredient for creators. Articulate your learning and knowledge through your captions and videos. 

Ulisses creates a variation of training routines in his content and advises the same. 

  • Talk about fitness and training of different body parts
  • Do voiceover on your videos
  • Produce detailed videos with the information such as reps and rests
  • For every 5 fitness related content, post one generic content. Post a picture of you reading a book or you going out with friends

Ulisses sometimes shares posts with his kid, of football practice, and going around his house. People need to see the other side of your life as well. It spices up your content and makes it more interesting to consume.

Right time to post your content

Your right time to post heavily depends on your target audience.

Ulisses has a worldwide audience, hence, he targets a common timing comfortable for all timezones. 

Similarly, You should identify the timings when your audience is active and post accordingly.

How often should we post

When you are just beginning to create your brand, post at least twice every day. It will give you the traction that you need to grow. 

More than the frequency of posting, it’s important to create a posting time and stick to it. Ulisses posts around 12-2 PM of his timezone (U.K.) Around that time frame, people look forward to his content. 

In order to build up excitement, you can talk about your upcoming content. Say something like “I will be posting my meal schedule tomorrow” and do post it.

However, if you announce a timeline, try to stick to it.

Leveraging trending topics for growth

In order to boost up your page, post about the trending topics that you are interested in. Ulisses was really amped up about the Euro Championship so kept engaging with it through his stories and posts.

Ulisses tries to stay away from controversial topics. He advises finding something which is fun, and well with your background.

Up your game through cross-promotion

In order to level up your social media audience, cross-promote. Reach out to different creators who are in the same niche so you can help each other grow.

Create a content piece together, do a workout video together, or post a video talking about your specific journey.

Try to do a cross-promotion with other creators at least once or twice a month.

Brand Sponsorships

Whether you are promoting a global brand or a local brand, make sure it goes well with your voice.

Ulisses is promoting Graphy because it fits well with what he is doing. Graphy gives him the platform to share with his core audience whatever knowledge he has acquired over the years,  

For example, you can choose just one supplement brand for fitness. This applies to you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. 

Hence, it’s better to not self-limit to just fitness brands and also endorse lifestyle brands like clothing or accessories.

Ulisses is already creating a variety of content, hence he can easily partner with lifestyle brands that go well with his voice. 

Ulisses emphasizes that “I am very mindful of the brands that I work with”.

Scaling your business

No matter where you are, there is always a scope to improve your fitness journey and your business. 

Hence, Ulisses stresses on building your team. Team-building takes time, so start as soon as you feel like you’re managing a lot more than you can handle.

Start to delegate your work early on so that you have time to focus on creating more quality content and building your brand. 

Keeping it up

Getting in shape is a one-time thing, but maintaining it is hard and continuous. In order to maintain your wins, you need to keep adapting. 

When Ulisses started, only Facebook or Myspace was there. But then Instagram came along. He started to put out quality content there. As a result, his Instagram audience exploded and is now bigger than Facebook.

This happened because he adapted to change.

Graphy for creators

“I am so grateful and blessed to be on Graphy now. Because of this platform, I am able to share all of my knowledge and learning with you guys. You have seen me training, but because of Graphy now I am able to communicate with you.

Graphy is a great platform because your core audience will subscribe to you here and would help you monetize your brand.” Ulisses explains.

Sign up and create your website on Graphy. You can host your live session & build your brand. Graphy has set aside some funds for Creators (Creators Grant) so those budding creators can tap into that. 

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