The Best Community Building Platform

Best Community Building Platfor

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into why creating a community is important and which is the best community building platform for Creators.

Building a network of people around your brand is quite valuable. Each time a new person joins your community, it becomes more vibrant. Everyone who becomes a part of your community brings in their own skills, expertise, and perspective. 

At the most basic level, having a community will help you monetize your skills. When you are doing a lot of work in creating content, then you should be rewarded for it. 

Being a part of the community-building platform to nurture your own community puts you back in the driver’s seat. Your audience gets more control over what they consume, and you can stay assured that your content is actually getting in front of them. 

What is a Community Building Platform?

A Community Building Platform is an all-in-one online tool or software that allows you to create, nurture, and grow your online community.

It’s like a virtual gathering which allows you to bring together a group of people united around a common interest, goal, or purpose.

A typical community building platform helps you to foster interactions between your members through online meetings, messaging, and discussion boards. 

With the community building software gaining popularity, new features are taking place. Polls, Q&As, online events, and online courses are there, to name a few. These functionalities are essential because they give creators a way to create new experiences for their members. Through online polls and live Q&A, learners can get an eagle-eye view of what creators are trying to share. It also allows the community to interact with each other live. 

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, how about we tell you more about us. 

Graphy is the best Community Building Platform for creators 

Creators on Graphy can build communities, courses, and online sessions with a beautiful and elegant design aesthetic. Along with design aesthetics, we equally believe that analytics plays an important part in growing a business. Hence, a full analytics report is dedicated to Graphy’s’ dashboard. The everyday data and analytics will help you make better decisions for your brand. 

Most importantly, while building a community you need one single umbrella to cater to all of your needs. If you need a Facebook group, a Discord server, and a separate online course platform to keep your audience together, it won’t work.

That’s where we come in. Graphy is a one-stop solution for you. The best part is that it’s not just a web-based platform, but it also has an online mobile app. Having a community you can nurture through a common app can bring your brand to new heights.

Build a business powered by a community

Bring your community, courses, and live sessions together in one place under your brand. With Graphy, you can create your customized subdomain and make your community instantly available on the web, iOS, and Android. Graphy is the only community building platform that has all the features you need to build and monetize a solid community. 

Integrate less, connect more

In the era of technology, we require a wide array of features to create a stellar brand. As an online creator, you shouldn’t juggle between various platforms to leverage those essential features. 

Many platforms will try to pitch to you that more integrations imply better customization features. But quite frankly, that’s just not the case. Integrating multiple platforms and running them as a single unit is quite confusing, messy, and expensive.

Here’s a list of features at your disposal on Graphy:

  • Nurture your exclusive community on Web, iOS, and Android apps.
  • Customizable chats channels and Q&As.
  • Recorded videos and online resources.
  • Online sessions and courses.

At Graphy, we deeply care about providing creators with the tools that keep their communities energized and interactive. 

More monetization options

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or someone who is just starting out, being able to monetize your community is a common goal. Hence, the right community building platform should be able to provide you with monetization options

At Graphy, you gain access to a bunch of tools to help you get rewarded for your efforts. 

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An impeccable support system

Irrespective of how tech-savvy you are, understanding a new platform can be challenging for many people. A community building platform that you choose should support you and not delay the process. Just as you are invested in the success of your community member’s achievements, we at Graphy are invested in yours.

We believe that creators, like yourself, who are nurturing supportive communities are making the world a better place.  

Hence, our platform is super easy to use, has a clean interface, and is aesthetically attractive. However, if you still face any difficulties, we are just an email and a text away. 

All of that sounds pretty stellar, right?

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Graphy is the best community building platform

Graphy is the best choice for a community building platform because we offer you more native features than any other platform out there. On Graphy, your community will become more valuable with each person who joins and contributes. 

And when your member needs to step away from their computer, your community can go with them thanks to our native app support.

Let’s start building the community you’ve been dreaming of.

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