Graphy – Best Google Meet Alternative For Creators

Best Google Meet Alternative in India

With changing times, one thing that’s certain in the online education landscape is the use of video conferencing platforms. Two online learning models where video conferencing is the need of the hour are as follows:

  • Blended learning model, which includes a balanced combination of recorded lectures and live sessions. 
  • Live sessions where creators only teach online live with no. 

In either case, creators have the following options:

  • Integrate third-party tools like Google Meet with their course platform.
  • Use just Google Meet & keep sending URLs to students. 

However, switching between different platforms becomes a tech headache for both learners and creators.

Hence, there should be a third option that is simpler and faster. 

In this blog, we’ll review a video conferencing platform Google Meet and an all-in-one robust course platform Graphy, exclusively for Creators. 

Graphy – Best Google Meet Alternative For Creators


Graphy is an all-in-one course platform to help you grow your audience, monetize your skills, and host live sessions. It is the first-ever online course platform that allows you to host online sessions with an unlimited audience for an unlimited amount of time. 

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-conferencing platform that lets you host meetings, webinars, and events. It is mostly used by professionals to communicate within organizations.  

FeaturesGraphyGoogle Meet
Pricing StructurePay 5% ONLY when you earnFree to Rs. 1,260
(up to 250 participants)
Live Session RecordingSaves within the platformSaves on Google Drive
Analytics & ReportsYesNo
Live Session DurationUnlimitedPlan-wise limit
Session Landing PageYesNo
Payment Gateway IntegrationYesNo
Monetization Features (like paid raise hand)YesNo
Many to Many Video ConferencingYesNo
Email IntegrationYesNo
Participants LimitUnlimitedPlan-wise limit

Why creators should make a switch from Google Meet to Graphy

When it comes to hosting paid online sessions, Graphy is the go-to platform for new-age creators. It is a one-stop destination that doesn’t need any third-party integration to function properly. 

The platform is more interactive with rich features like paid raise hand and many-to-many video conferencing. Paid raise hand feature lets learners send creators a request to join them on stage during their immersive live learning courses, by paying an amount.  

Creators can also create their own beautiful session landing page to showcase the necessary session details and get RSVPs for the sessions. No more sending Google Meet links for every session. 

Why Google Meet might not suffice your requirements

While Graphy does all of the above for you, Google Meet, on the other hand, becomes just a part of the whole puzzle. Creators need to integrate multiple services to keep the paid sessions up and running. These services include the following: 

  • Payment gateway
  • Email provider 
  • Robust tool for learner management 

Therefore, opting for Google Meet over Graphy could become a costly affair for you.  

And that’s not all.

Let’s dig into why Graphy is the best Google Meet alternative for creators.  

Graphy is the best Google Meet alternative in India

A custom website you can be proud of 

Build a clean, fresh, and beautiful page with your custom subdomain that puts the spotlight on your online sessions.

Pay only when you earn

Cut down the cost and uncertainty of launching something new. We charge you only when you make money i.e. 5% on your sales.

Sell everything under one roof

Switching between a webinar platform and a course platform can feel too much. Graphy’s interface allows you to do both while heavily cutting down your cost.


For a creator, Graphy is an obvious choice. 

It’s way more than video conferencing and a webinar platform. In fact, that’s just a fraction of what Graphy can do for you.  

It is a full-fledged online course platform that allows you to monetize your brand, grow your audience and launch cohort-based courses. Whether you are just starting out or growing fast, Graphy is the best Google Meet alternative for you.  

From hosting free sessions and launching paid courses to nurturing your community through your emails and newsletters, Graphy has got your back.  

The best part?

Launching your website on Graphy is a simple process that takes less than 2 minutes.  

Make no mistake, we encourage you to give both platforms a try and decide for yourself!

But, we’d love you to join us.

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