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Graphy – Best Teachable Alternative For Creators

Best Teachable Alternative

Online course platforms are bringing a groundbreaking shift towards how knowledge-sharing is taking place today.

Now, everyone has enough bandwidth and pixels to consume multimedia content, more than it has ever been.

Hence, it’s no surprise that more and more creators are launching their own paid courses online. Amidst so much noise, it becomes essential for creators to introduce a more personalized approach towards online courses.

In this blog, we’ll review two of the most sought-after online course platforms Graphy and Teachable so that you can choose what’s right for you.

Graphy and Teachable are both great platforms for creators. However, if you are a new-age creator and want to get an edge through a more personalized learners’ interaction, Graphy is the best Teachable alternative for creators.  

Graphy Vs Teachable – The No Fluff Comparison for Online Course Platform


Graphy is an all-in-one course platform to help you grow your audience, monetize your skills, and host cohort-based courses. It is the first-ever course platform that’s designed for creators who want to monetize their audience. Along with pre-recorded sessions, it helps you host in-built live sessions with your audience and create a better experience for them.


Teachable allows you to create and upload pre-recorded course content, manage students, and launch a customized course platform. 

It’s suitable for businesses who want to run an online school and have a budget to allocate to the course platform. 

As the platform lacks a few important features, the integration process, and cost of bearing third-party services only shoot up. 

Pricing StructurePay 5% ONLY when you earnUp to $ 299 monthly
Unlimited LearnersYesNo
Paid Live SessionsYesThird-Party Integration Needed
Live Session RecordingYesNo
In-built Email IntegrationYesThird-Party Integration Needed
Mobile AppAndroid + iOS bothOnly Android
Indian Payment gateway IntegrationYesNo
Course NotificationYesNo
In-app community interactionYesNo
Best Teachable Alternative For Creators

Why creators should make a switch from Teachable to Graphy

When it comes to hosting paid online sessions, Graphy is the best Teachable alternative for new-age creators. It is a one-stop destination that doesn’t need any third-party integration to function properly. 

The platform is more interactive with rich features like an in-built community and many to many video conferencing. Creators can also create their own session landing page to showcase the necessary session details and get RSVPs for the sessions.

Level-up your community interaction with Graphy

It’s no surprise that creating consistent and genuine interactions within an online community is challenging. Especially when you redirect your learners on a discord server for interaction, on the zoom platform for online sessions, and on your course platform for pre-recorded lectures — they start to drift away. 

Hence, it’s essential to keep one single platform for your learners’ needs to boost your community engagement. 

What sets apart Graphy from other online course platforms is its comprehensive in-built community features. You can build your courses, sessions, and community together under your brand. 

As a result, you would never need to redirect your learners on a WhatsApp group, a discord server, or even a Facebook group anymore. Every time a learner signs up, they automatically become a part of your in-built Graphy community.

The community feature is rich with in-built group chat options, important announcements, session reminders, and notifications

Learners don’t even need to sign up on the website. Using Graphy’s android and iOS app, they can interact among themselves, ask doubts and share their progress in real-time.

Why Teachable might not be the one for you 

Teachable, only allows creators to only upload pre-recorded lectures on the platform. The platform lacks essential features which are essential for the better creator-learner connection and creating trust. Creators on Teachable need to integrate multiple services to make their offerings more learner-centric.  These services include the following: 

  • Indian payment gateway integration. 
  • Email provider 
  • In-built community tool
  • Live session / webinar platform
  • In-app session reminder 

Therefore, opting for Teachable could become a costly affair for you. The Teachable plan starts with $39 a month and requires you to upgrade to unlock the next set of benefits. What’s worth noticing is that, even in their highest plan, these essential in-built features aren’t present. 

More interactivity between your members means more growth for your brand. Graphy is worth giving a try.

Graphy is the best Teachable alternative for creators

Nurture a personalized community  

Conduct live sessions with your audience, do real-time live interactions, and solve their doubts on the go. Not just that, nurture them with the in-built community feature.

Pay only when you earn

Cut down the cost and uncertainty of launching something new. We are with you at every step of the way. Hence, we charge you only when you make money.

Sell everything under one roof

Switching between a webinar platform and a course platform can feel too much. Graphy’s interface allows you to do both while saving a huge cost.

For a creator, Graphy is an obvious choice. 

Graphy is created especially for today’s creators who want to launch something interactive, personalized, fun, and yet easy to use!

It is a full-fledged online platform that allows you to monetize your brand, grow your audience, and launch cohort-based courses. Whether you are just starting out or growing fast, Graphy is built just for you.  

From conducting free sessions and launching paid courses to nurturing your community through emails and newsletters, Graphy has got your back.  

When you opt for Graphy, you don’t have to fuss over multiple platforms to keep your online course platform running. 

Launching your site on Graphy is a simple process that takes less than 2 minutes.  

Make no mistake, we encourage you to give both platforms a try and decide for yourself!

But, we’d love for you to join us.

If you haven’t made the switch yet, you definitely should!

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Best Teachable Alternative

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