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Launching cohort based courses in 2021

cohort based courses

If monetizing your audience by creating an online course has been on your radar, there has never been a better time to do it. 

Now, more than ever, we have the time and resources to learn a new skill or hobby.

For the past few years, coaches and creators have focused on self-paced courses as a way to teach online. Self-paced courses become a lonely affair. This is quite evident in the dismal completion rate: just 5-15%. 

But what if I told you self-paced courses aren’t the only option?

And that, there is something better out there! 

Simply by launching cohort based courses, creators have seen a massive boost in students’ success

What are cohort based courses?

In cohort based courses, you develop a structured syllabus for your students, who then learn that material together as a group. Launching online live sessions where students can interact with each other while you teach them live, is a prominent example of cohort based courses. 

Cohort based courses are essentially the traditional way of taking classes, like how we studied in school or college. The only difference being, cohort based courses can also take place online, in a virtual space.

Launching cohort based courses open up a whole new world where you bring people together under one umbrella.

What makes cohort based courses so great?

Creating a cohort based course model for your first or next course has many benefits. But the fact that it allows you to build a strong community around your teaching material, surpasses all. 

Let me give you a perspective.

Creating self-paced course or pre-recorded course material still gives your learners a phenomenal value. However, they will also need to weather the storm by themselves. Down the line, either of the two things will happen:

  • The completion rate will be super low as we tend to lose motivation in self-paced learning.
  • You will need to use many methods and strategies to rally your learners to the finish line.

Either way, it’s not an ideal situation if you have a far better option already.

Cohort based courses allow you to set aside time to connect and meet your learners, while everyone gains a deeper connection with each other.

That means your learners will learn from you and each other.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that cohort based learning offers.

Strong sense of community

Building an active and interactive community around your course is one of the challenging aspects of launching an online course. When you launch cohort based courses as a creator, you create a social learning environment for your learners to interact, share ideas, learn and grow together.

All of us had a time in our lives where we were stumped on a problem and our first instinct was to call a friend for help. 

Choosing a cohort based course model provides your learners the chance to do just that. When your learners connect with each other in their learning journey, you are no longer their only line of support.

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Providing a structured experience

Cohort based courses have a more structured, as well as, an immediate experience. Allowing learners to complete your self-paced learning course will mean they have their own time and own pace to complete it. While this might be great for some people, most of the learners lose the drive to complete them without an external push.

In cohort based courses, everyone is progressing at the same rate. Hence, you can control their pace by scheduling live sessions, defining due dates, and more. Some of the learners enjoy the learning process when there is accountability and a schedule to turn up. 

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Learning with a community

Creating a course isn’t just a one-sided affair. Your learners need to feel that their voices are heard, well. It’s a give-and-take affair. On one side, you are providing them a pathway to achieve a goal and they are providing you with new perspectives.

You might be thinking now, “I’m running my show. Why are their perspectives important? ”

Their perspectives are important because they will provide you new insights. After all, your course should set your students for success. Hence, your learners’ insights will help you improvise the course that takes them to new heights. 

Networking opportunities

A cohort based online course opens up new avenues of networking opportunities. To keep your brand alive and kicking, create a course that fosters relationships between your learners.

As those investing to learn from you are already highly motivated individuals. Hence, by connecting them with other people with similar goals and ideas, you’re providing lifelong connections and not just awesome content. That’s like a cherry on the cake.

Get started with cohort based courses

Online learning might feel like a lonely affair. But, it doesn’t have to be. Launch a cohort based online course, this one brings people together.

On Graphy, you can design your own cohort based online courses with ease. You don’t have to run behind various tools to function. It’s an all-in-one teaching solution. And the best part is, whatever you decide to build, your content is instantly available across the web, iOS, and Android Graphy app. This gives your learners flexibility.

So what are you waiting for, start now!

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