How to choose a valuable workshop topic

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The first step to a successful workshop is to choose a valuable workshop topic. Let’s dig into it!

The most important element of a killer workshop is to deliver valuable content. Nothing else matters as much. Your workshop is like live training where you need to feed your audience with helpful knowledge, insight, and actionable steps. 

choose a valuable workshop topic
Choose a valuable workshop topic

Most of us have come across a high-end workshop at least once in our lives. Where the presenter sits in a fancy apartment, shares the slides of all the expensive cars and trips he can afford in the first 30 minutes. The worst part is, the whole workshop is 45 minutes.  

** Facepalm **

There has been a shift in how people are building successful online businesses. It’s all about not being pushy or using any deceptive marketing tactics.

How to choose a valuable workshop topic that will sell 

In 2021, what requires more is authenticity and connection. Hence, while deciding on a valuable workshop topic, think of what your audience will get the most out of.

Choose a workshop topic that complements your course

We create workshops to upsell a digital product. If you want to launch your online course, your workshop topic should be like an appetizer for your course.

Make sure you don’t beat it around the bush and give away actual information or value.

The ideal length of a workshop is 45 min to 1 hour. So, you need to pick a topic that is the right fit for your timeline. Don’t try to cover a broad topic. Rather, cover a specific topic and dive deep into it. Leave the last 15 min for Q&A.

That will make your audience excited to hear about what’s next.


  • Upsell an expanded course.
  • Show what the modules contain.
  • Talk about the results your students or clients have achieved. 
  • Show them the end goal if they do take their course.
  • Ask people to give you honest feedback in exchange for a bonus. 

However, if you don’t want to upsell a course, that’s absolutely fine as well. 

Workshop aren’t just for a course launch. You can use it to reach out to a huge audience and build your email list.  

Finding good workshop topics when you don’t have a course yet

If you don’t have a course to upsell, look at the content that you’ve already created. Scout your most popular blogs, video content, podcasts, reels, and tweets.  Find out the topics that resonate the most with your audience.

See what’s already working for you. Next up, expand that topic into a workshop. A 45-60 min thing that is more structured and personalized. 

  • Conduct a poll, launch a google form and ask people to choose one topic.
  • Break it down into a digestible presentation and provide something that they will relish. 
  • Reinvent the wheel by repurposing your existing content on your website and leverage it into a workshop. 
Ask Your Audience What They Want To See

When in doubt, ask your audience

When we are just getting started, we believe that asking our audience for feedback is not a great thing. Believe it or not, it’s the cool thing in 2021.

You’re supposed to be the expert, sure. However, when you ask for feedback you show that you value your audience’s opinion and you are willing to improve. 

Especially when you have a small close-knit community, feedback is a crucial part of your business. Even at Graphy, we value the feedback and continue to improve.

No one knows what your audience wants, better than your audience itself!

There are many creators at Graphy who do this.  They run a poll, ask for answers and do what their audience wants. 

Using Graphy to host your workshop

Now that you know how to choose a valuable workshop topic that will sell. You can drive conversions on your Graphy course website. Create a landing page that is appealing and informative. So, if you’re trying to drive sales, leads, build email lists, or run cohorts, Graphy is worth giving a try. 

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