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How to start your journey as a Graphy Creator


If you have a knack for content creation and have garnered a decent following, you are at the right place. In this blog, I will be covering how to start your journey as a Graphy creator, monetize your existing audience, and scale it up.  

Thanks to smartphones and internet connections, the democratization of distribution has become momentous for creators. 

A while ago, we needed to go through middlemen to broadcast any kind of information. Now, without spending a penny, we can create online assets and find an audience who will be interested in that specific content. 

However, it takes a while to monetize the content you invest hours working in. 

That’s where Graphy comes in.  

How to start your journey as a Graphy Creator

Graphy is a one-stop solution for all the content creators out there who want to monetize their content and scale their businesses. 

Sign up to be a Graphy Creator

Becoming a Graphy creator is an extremely easy 3 step process.

If you have a passion and talent to educate, entertain, or influence, this is for you!

Step 1: Go to and click on “Create your website for free”

You just need to enter basic information to get started.

start your journey as a Graphy Creator

Step 2: Enter the basic details like your customized subdomain, email, and phone number, finally click on “Get Started”.

You can also schedule a call with our support team to resolve any queries. 

start your journey as a Graphy Creator

Step 3: You are in!

Your sign-up will be complete. Now, customize your website, enter relevant details and schedule your first session on your Graphy website.

start your journey as a Graphy Creator

Launching your Graphy website is extremely easy.

The best part is, you spend “ZERO” dollars on it. Literally!

We don’t make any money until you do. 

However, what might need a bit of strategy is promoting it and bringing in real cash into your business. 

Best way to monetize your content using Graphy

Through Graphy you can do the following:

  • Launch free/paid live sessions
  • Create a course with pre-recorded + live lectures
  • Launch a premium community with member-only access

If you already have an existing audience, let’s dig into what your marketing funnel would look like. 

start your journey as a Graphy Creator

ATTRACT: Drive traffic 

This is the first step of your funnel. Here you have to make your audience aware of your brand and your Graphy website. The purpose of this step is to drive traffic to your social media handles.

  1. Tap into your existing audience

If you have been creating content for a while and have built an audience around it, you can take it a step forward and start monetizing. 

  • Talk about your upcoming free Graphy session on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blog, or any other platform that you are currently active on.
  • Create swipe-up links and encourage people to sign up for it. Later, you can add them to your mailing list too.
  • Go to Community Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit to answer the questions related to your subject. 
  1. Tap into someone else’s audience
  • Write guest posts on other sites. Collaborate with the site owners and direct readers back to your course.
  • Make your session’s information available to fellow influencers and experts that you are friends with. Ask them to mention it to their audience for the initial push. You can always repay them through a shoutout or affiliate commission.
  • Talk about your work when you appear as a guest on webinars and podcasts.
  1. Run paid campaigns

If you are in the initial phases, we suggest you go by the organic means and not spend money now.

However, if you have been a creator for a while and have a marketing budget, you can always opt for paid campaigns.

AWARE: Tell your audience about the free Graphy session

Now that you have an audience already, start to aggressively talk about your upcoming Graphy session.

Doing this step is to ensure that you get enough registrations for your first live session.

  • Know the content of your session beforehand.
  • Start to take it one by one by addressing your audience’s pain point.
  • Talk about the key takeaways from the session.
  • Tell them it’s free and there are no hidden charges.
  • Highlight that it’s a live session.

CONVERT: Invite them and conduct your session

This is the most exciting part of your entire funnel. This is the part that brings you so much joy, learning, and the fruits of your hard work. 

  • Hence, double-check everything. Make sure the session runs smoothly.
  • Be prepared for the live session.
  • Know your topic well. 
  • Keep a Q&A session towards the end. 
  • Keep the storytelling part clubbed with your session too.

Finally, take a breath! You got this. 

UPSELL: Sell them your paid course

Graphy sessions provide a live opportunity for you and your audience to connect well and see if you are the right fit. Once you are done delivering the core content of the session, show them what else is possible. 

  • Tell them you are launching a paid course which will cover the topic in detail.
  • Keep a discounted price for the first batch.
  • Talk about the modules and what will be covered.

If you do the process well, the participants who come for your live sessions will become a part of your first paid batch. There is never going to be a better time to start than now.

There is no shortcut to making your first or next million.

The only hack you need to know is: JUST START.

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