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Top 5 productivity tips for content creators


Being a creator is fun, yet can be challenging at times. Even if you love what you do, there can be a lot on your plate which can pretty much eat up your time. In this blog, I will cover the top 5 productivity tips for content creators like you to boost your productivity and save you hours on the entire process. 

As a creator, you need to produce various forms of content on a day-to-day basis.

Right from blogs to email newsletters to youtube videos and social media content, there’s a lot of content creation involved!

Hence, in order to buckle up and get in the game, you need to make the most out of your time. 

Let’s dig into the top 5 tips (and tools) you can use to make the most out of your time and ace your career.

Top 5 productivity tips for content creators

productivity tips for content creators

Eliminate Distractions

It’s surprising how much we can accomplish if we simply stop procrastinating or trying to do too many things at once. Hence, you need to factor in constant distractions such as browsing social media, meetings, team follow-ups, and emails. Because if you don’t, your 1-day tasks can spill over the whole week.

Therefore, If you need to plan your day’s content in advance, sit down, and do it. It will make your day easygoing, and less overwhelming. 

Pro Tip: Create a to-do list every day and allot time to every task. Use Google Tasks and sync it with Google Calendar.

Be Ruthlessly Organized

Disorganization is the curse that wastes your time and pushes your deadlines beyond justification.

Imagine spending way too much time researching the same thing over and over again. If you create content on a similar topic, you must have a content ideas pool for your reference. This ensures that you don’t spend time doing the same things again and again. Keep your folders, ideas, resources, and business documentation organized. 

If you’re going to rock it as a content creator, you have to be great and fast.

Pro Tip: Use the tool Evernote to help you get out of this rut.  

Repurpose Old Content

Whether you create content for yourself or your clients, you can definitely play with one piece of content and create multiple variations out of it. 

You can change up an old piece of content by rewording its copy and using different graphics. It will allow you to subtly reiterate a message without being too repetitive. If you’re feeling uninspired, this strategy is a sure-shot formula to surprise your audience.

Pro Tip: Directly coming from the legend’s diary, use Gary Vee’s formula to repurpose old content. It’s mind-blowing.

 Click here to download the PDF

Do Everything in Batches

Batch tasks to increase your productivity and get more done. Follow this simple idea: batch your work and do it in one go.

Let’s say if you are an online course instructor, or want to become one, you will agree that launching online sessions is a tedious job. Here is how you can batch similar tasks: 

  • Drafting lesson outlines.
  • Recording videos.
  • Edit them at one go.
  • Schedule all your live sessions.

Switching between different tasks can cost you a significant amount of time and effort.  Working in batches helps you move faster, way faster. 

Pro Tip: Divide your tasks into small chunks and batch them together. Give a timeline to each of the sub-task & track it every day.

Single Platform For Multiple Needs

As an online course creator, you are wearing multiple hats. From winning your audience over to growing your income, you need to take care of both of them. Using multiple platforms can be a bit too overwhelming for you. Hence, try to use fewer tools that solve your purpose without blocking too much time.

Imagine having a single tool that helps you take unlimited live sessions with an unlimited audience, collect an entry fee while nurturing them under one single roof.

That would be amazing. Isn’t it?

Pro Tip: Graphy helps you grow your audience, monetize your skills, and host live cohort-based courses under a single umbrella!

Ready to get started?

These top tips will surely become a helping hand for taking your productivity up a notch. If any of the tools or tips piqued your interest, you should go ahead and check them out. 

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